Corregidor Tour Part 1

Manila Bay
Corregidor Island--a small, rocky, and beautiful island west of Manila--has been on my bucket list since the beginning, and I am ecstatic to say that I've finally visited this lovely place. Without a doubt, it's on my 'must-return' list. 

I have always been intrigued by this island. I heard much about it during my younger years and even more so in college, but I didn't have the chance to travel there during then. That chance came last year. So, yes, this post is a year late but the beauty of Corregidor does not fade.

I love history, how places accumulate hundreds of stories to tell as the years go on. It is always a pleasure hearing them as one walks on the lands that resonate the heroism, valour, courage, bravery, strength, and love that has been embedded within. Corregidor resonates such values and more.

Corregidor island served as the entrance of Manila Bay and the battleground for Filipinos and Americans during World War II when Japan invaded the country. The story of Corregidor unfolds the longer one listens to the tour, almost as if its pages flip before one's very eyes. The ruins of buildings, the presence of guns, and the placement of tunnels immerse one in the island's history. 
Thebig guns of 
Upon seeing it for the first time, Corregidor struck me as a place with numerous stories to tell and sights to see. My excitement to explore and learn grew. If you're interested in learning more on Corregidor island, you may click this link for a brief history and comprehensive description of the area. To know more about the battle fought in Corregidor, I suggest you read the article entitled  World War II: Battle of Corregidor

Arrival in Corregidor

Corregidor Tour:

I was glad when the day of our tour came. We checked in at the Sun Cruises  terminal in CCP, along Roxas Boulevard, for our ferry service schedule for seven in the morning. The ferry left around 40 minutes after that, but I didn't mind waiting since I got to take a scenic photo of Manila Bay during the cruise. The fair weather helped, as well. 

Travel took around two hours. We arrived 45 minutes past nine and given instructions on how the tour would proceed. We were assigned to a group with a corresponding number tranvia (tour bus) with a guide for the whole day. One interesting fact I learned about the island is that it is shaped like a tadpole; it has a head, a body, and a tail. 

Tranvia (Tour Bus)

We disembarked at the body of the island near the tail. After a short intoduction, we hopped on the tour bus and explored the island for an hour and thirty minutes before heading to Corregidor Inn for our buffet lunch. I liked our guide and how he handled the tour. He was knowledgeable and funny, as well, and talked non-stop as he shared stories about the island. It's a shame I wasn't able to record them.

Below are the pics from the first part of the tour. Enjoy!

Douglas MacArthur: I Shall Return

Scenic Island Views
Philippine Revolution

I am a Filipino

Japanese Cruelty

Japanese Memorial Park
Japanese Tunnel

Gun Emplacement

Philippine money during the Japanese period
Japanese flag

Sun Cruises

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Great pictures and page layout! :) Ug maayo ka mosulat, I envy you. - Aileen
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Thanks, Aileen. You very well know that I envy you more. :)

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